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The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss Success

Today I am going to let you in on a little secret. It’s the secret to losing weight successfully and permanently. Bet you’re dying to know what that is huh? Keep reading to find out! Continue reading “The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss Success”

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Bare it All, A New Journey

I believe I have hit a form of rock bottom as far as m current physical status goes. I have the Fitbit One that I wear and while I was doing great the first couple of months, my steps have dropped dramatically. I used to pull over 10,000 a day no problem, but working where I was, it was not uncommon for me to only have 2,000 or so. I was hell-bent on making sure I hit the daily steps and my old job had a lot of sitting down and not moving. Fortunately I am no longer with that company but I still struggle with the steps. Continue reading “Bare it All, A New Journey”