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7 Stretches to Loosen You Up

I’m back with another roundup! Do you find your muscles are tight, tense and achy? Read more for 7 stretches to loosen you up!

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Things That Keep Me Sane

So, my knee has gotten worse since my PT finished out. I actually tore some more cartilage while working and have moved on to a cane and Tramadol for pain management. Fortunately the pharmacist assured me that while it is a controlled substance, it is a lower class narcotic so the chances of me becoming dependent are low. It mainly affects people that have already had substance abuse issues and have that particular type of addictive tendencies. Phew. I really don’t like the idea of taking meds unless I have to, especially pain meds.

Things that keep me sane

However, I have found a few ways to keep my stress levels and anxiety at bay which is key. Sometimes it’s really difficult to look at the big picture when all I can see is everything that has been taken away (for now).


I am teaching myself to draw right now so I made a trip to the library to get several books to learn the techniques of drawing people. It like writing, is a good way to take my mind off things as you need to focus completely on what you’re doing.


The Kindle is one of the older  Kindle Keyboards I got several years ago. I have the Kindle Fire HD but just found myself using the Kindle Keyboard more. Nothing wrong with Kindle Fire is fantastic but it’s really a dumbed down version of an Android tablet. I’m considering upgrading to the Kindle paperwhite but just haven’t made the jump yet.

Fitty Duck

The little index cards I have are crazy adorable and they are just perfect! I got it at Walmart for a dollar you can’t beat that by much! What they have is a key ring. and they also have a little elastic band attached to keep them together. It’s great because in my down time I can throw down ideas for blog post ideas. as it stays in my purse, it’s like a little Fitty Duck backbone to go! The little duck on the top of the image was a gift from a very special friend Kathy, it’s reminds me of why I am doing all of this and keeps me going when I think about quitting Fitty Duck. Meet Ms. Fitty Duck! Shes my little mascot and don’t worry she will soon have her own little outfit too. 🙂

Cane & Meds

Try as I might, I need the cane at work so I can still do my job and the Tramadol helps out with the razorblades-in-my-knee sensation which is great! It has funny side effects though like wooziness, now wooziness is fine, but wooziness AND nausea is a recipe for disaster haha!


The headphone aspect crapped out some time ago which doesn’t bother me because those earbuds just pop out of my ear anyways. The mic on it however, is fantastic. It increases the accuracy of voice transcription, which to be honest, is how I draft up 90% of my posts here. It really makes it a snap to blog on the go, with the exception of when it butcher what I say. “What the hell Google, I said ‘this smoothie is really tasty and quick to make’ not “twinkle cakes snake sugar puff’.” I just have to review my post immediately because sometimes it is so off it’s like deciphering an alien code.

funny gifs



I am getting an MRI on the 17th, and then meeting with the surgeon on the 29th to get everything squared away. I am optimistic that I WILL have my activities back soon enough, I just need to have the patience, and effective ways to keep my mind occupied. 😛