3 Favorite Post Workout Snacks

After a long workout, it’s important that you refuel your body for maximum muscle recovery. Here is a short list of my 3 favorite post workout snacks.

1. Smoothie: Now I know this may seem impractical for some people to cart a smoothie around. How will it stay cold? If you have a hot/cold thermos type cup, you will find that it can stay cold for quite awhile! Tip: add in ice cubes before you leave for the gym (inside or out) to keep it icy cool.

My favorite blend is one using bananas, almond milk and a teaspoon of peanut butter. It is delightfully creamy, nutty and delicious!

2. Trail Mix: easy to pack, especial if you use some snack sized baggies and high in protein. Just watch the sugar content, look for ones that have more nuts and fruit than candy.

3. Protein Shake: bring a shaker bottle with either your pre-measured amount in the bottom of the bottle or in a shaker bottle with compartments.

Have a great day everyone!! 😀