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5 Ways to Make a Workout Fun!

Another boring workout? How sad! I get it working out isn’t always fun but here are five ways to make it better!

  1. Bring a friend! Sometimes all you need is a little extra encouragement and someone to talk to you to make a work out significantly better. Bringing a friend along has double benefits as you both get an a great work out and you get to catch up.
  2. Buy new gear– when you buy new workout clothes you get excited about working out again and then you get excited about working out in those clothes so treat yourself, buy a new outfit.
  3. Find a new workout- sometimes all you need is to shake up your routine. This also has double benefits as you get excited for working out again and I can help you get over a plateau.
  4. Take it outside– a change of scenery can do a lot instead of the same old view at the gym. If your runner, take a new route or do your normal route in reverse. If you’re a walker try a new Street or driving to a park and walking around that.
  5. Add new music! I can’t tell you how many times music has got me through a rough workout that otherwise would’ve been just plain dry! And if you don’t have a new playlist I have one for you right here!

What other ways do you make workouts fun? Sound off below! Love you!

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It’s Race DAY!!

Hello everyone! It’s been  awhile yes but I have some upcoming posts for you in the next couple weeks I think you’ll like. Today’s post is just an update on what’s been going on. Bruce & I have finally gotten our own little (524 sqft. little) apartment and we move in next week! I finally got my own car, and today is my first race day!!   Continue reading “It’s Race DAY!!”

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A Running Hiatus

For the time being I’m going to hang up the running shoes. Through a series of unfortunate events in San Diego I inadvertently sprained my ankle which has made walking in general a bit painful. That on top of my weakend left knee and its buckling,  running it’s just not something I can do safely right now. Not going to lie it’s a total bummer. I’ve been trying to run for so long now it seems like once I progressed I end up having to stop.

I know I’ll be able to run again as long as I stay optimistic, positive and keep up my exercises. I will be able to race someday in the future, not certain when but I know I’ll be able to do it because I want it badly enough. For now I just need to focus on rebuilding my left leg so I can get back to running, hiking, and bouldering.

I will do more yoga, Pilates and walking in the meantime to remain active and I will still make and do different workouts.

This is a new challenge for me, the prize is getting back to what I love.

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7 Running Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Whether you’re a new runner or a seasoned runner there is still mistakes that are often done. A lot of times, they don’t even know that they are doing them. So they go on for some time without notice until either they suffer from an injury. This outcome can be prevented if you read below and see if you’re committing any of these running mistakes. Continue reading “7 Running Mistakes and How to Fix Them”