Manitoba Hemp Hearts Review

My hemp hearts seeds have finally arrived! For some reason mine took absolutely forever to get here, arriving just a few days before the contest ends. No matter, they are here now and I’m thrilled to review this yummy little seeds.

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Grind Up Cereal & Grains = Easy Smoothie Add-in

I found a use for all of the wheat bran cereal we have! We have a few extra boxes and cannot eat it all at once so instead of letting it go bad, add it to smoothies! Now I also do this with quick oatmeal as in the end it saves me a step in the morning or anytime I am doing a smoothie. Instead of measuring the cereal or oatmeal first, grinding it until is smooth then adding the other ingredients and doing a final blend it cuts out the first step. For smoothies, just add a 1/4 of a cup or so and blend with everything. Continue reading “Grind Up Cereal & Grains = Easy Smoothie Add-in”