7 Tips for a Flatter Belly

Who doesn’t want a flatter belly? Follow some of these tips for results!

  1. Add water– adding water can help decrease bloating and even flush out water weight so it can give you a flatter tummy.
  2. Decrease your salt intake– consuming too much salt contributes to water weight and bloating. Decrease these and you may notice that you feel less bloated.
  3. Decrease sugar intake– like number two, this can lead to bloating especially if you consume a lot of sodas or diet sodas work on cutting these out of your diet.
  4. Add planks– planks are a great way to tighten up your middle section and strengthen those core muscles which can lead to a flatter belly, yay!
  5. Increase fiber intake– by increasing how much fiber you consume you also decrease bloating (are you seeing a theme here?) and gas which can lead to a puffy appearance in your abdomen.
  6. Add cardio– by adding cardio you burn extra fat that otherwise will just sit there. For a lot of people fat likes to sit in the middle section so by adding cardio and burning some of that fat off you’ll have a flatter belly.
  7. Add weight training– this one goes with number six weight training increases how much energy you burn after your workouts so you’ll continue to burn fat even though you finished your work out hours ago. This also leads to less fat over wall and generally a flatter belly.

I hope you find these tips helpful, if you do add a comment below and tell me what you liked about it. Also do you have any additional tips on how to flatten out your tummy? If so leave it below! Love you guys!