Top 3 Fitness Myths

Being a fitness lover I run into myths galore. In this short roundup, I have three of the top fitness myths you may encounter.

  1. No pain no gain– it’s not supposed to hurt to work out, if it hurts you’re doing something wrong. The myth that working out is supposed to be painful it is wrong and dangerous and can lead to setbacks in your fitness journey as you recover from an injury.
  2. You must work out every day– this is also a bad idea. You want to give your body a rest day or two in between your workouts to allow for ample recovery. Now, on your rest days you don’t have to do nothing at all you can just go for a walk or do some light cardio or yoga that way you’re still moving.
  3. You can spot reduce-you can’t lose weight in targeted areas. You tend to lose weight where you gain it first so if you gain weight in your face first that’s generally where you’ll see the weight-loss at before other places. What you should use instead as a tool of measurement is your actual body measurements and watch how you lose overall inches in your full body.

I hope you like this quick little round up and I’ll see you next time! Love you guys!


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