V-8 energy and me

Being a Bzzagent every now and then I get a campaign offers to try out different products. My latest campaign was for V-8 energy which was just amazing!

I love drinking these before I go work out and they give me a nice little pep of energy so I can slay my workouts. It’s also a nice boost in the middle of the day without rushing to a cup of coffee, especially if it’s hot out. And it has a serving of fruits and veggies in it which is even better!

I highly recommend trying out a few of the flavors they have orange pineapple and this delicious pomegranate blueberry which is my favorite as well as other varieties. I found mine at our local Fry’s Food and Drugs but I’m sure if you go onto the website you can go to the product locator and find it at a store near you.

I’m not being paid to say any of this stuff I just got the campaign to try out the product and I’m just giving you my honest review of it the taste is like a fruit juice, Not artificial, and just very refreshing. I hope you guys have a wonderful evening! Love you guys!!

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Private Selection Frozen Berries

So I am a Bzz agent and I received my kit for a campaign for Private Selection’s line at Kroger a couple of weeks ago. Kroger Private Selection brand is their gourmet brand of food specific to Kroger and Fry’s grocery stores.

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PraNa 30 Day Challenge Week One

Hey everybody how’s your day going today? So I’ve been sort of doing the 30 day challenge. This past week has been crazy so I haven’t been able to post everyday like I wanted. I was able to get some pictures up though. I’ve gotten into a flow now so I feel much more confident for this coming week.
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