About Me

I’ve been putting this post off because I didn’t want to do a me, me, me post but I kinda have to, so no more procrastination. Instead of doing paragraph after paragraph of my life I’m going to do lists.

Background Info:

  • I’m in college finishing my prerequisites for the Nursing program which I hope to do in the spring of 2015
  • Met the love of my life in 2009 shortly before finding out I was pregnant.
  • Put my first-born up for adoption, it is open and I go to visit her when I can, her name is Sarah!
  • I’ve lived in Arizona since I was 12 but I want to go back to get out of the heat now.
  • I’m growing my hair to my tailbone, it’s at it’s longest length right now in ever.


Apparently my bag is a good place for Jazmin to nap, Me & things I love!

Shows I love:

  • Don’t discriminate, I love Little House on The Prairie, Golden Girls, The Waltons, The Brady Bunch (which I just watched for the first time 4 months ago) & Sanford & Son. My goal is to watch all of those shows in their entirety . I am now on season 7 of Little House.
  • New shows I watch- Bates Motel, My 600-lb Life, Grey’s Anatomy, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead.

Why I am blogging:

  • I want to help people! I have a love for fitness and have accumulated tips about fitness and running that I think could help people.
  • I am getting more into nutrition, so as I learn about different thing I figured I would share the results, this way you won’t have to search around because I have already done it! You’re welcome.
  • Seems like it could be a fun and engaging hobby.
  • Plants! Trees! And my little pallet garden I have started at my father’s, I also love salads so it makes sense to (try) and grow my own greens.


My first trial at gardening using a free wooden pallet that I upcycled into a bed

Things I Love:

  • Hiking, running, walking & just moving about. Seriously something on me is constantly me moving be it my foot or my fingers twitching.
  • My spastic cat Jazmin, she might be 5 lbs now, she is like a miniature cat with a tail way to long for her body and runs into things and literally climbs the walls trying to reach the ceiling. I’m waiting for the day I come home and actually find her upside down screaming at me from said ceiling. Oh yeah she screams. Constantly. For EVERYTHING. Small tests of sanity…
  • Writing, I wrote 12 page ‘short stories’ in the third grade & reading. In the 6th grade I had the vocabulary, spelling, and reading comprehension of a 12th grader, not bragging just a fact Smile.
  • Robeks! Thank God I make my own smoothies 95% of the time, while Robeks is delish, I simply cannot afford daily trips there so it is reserved as a once-a-week-if-I-can-treat. Apparently there was this lady who went in and never redeemed her points until she had some $400 saved up and then got ‘free’ smoothies for the longest time, so I am doing this too haha!
  • Hair! I’m active on the Long Hair Community LHC which has given me massive amounts off information on growing long, gorgeous hair, either with conventional products or more natural (me) products. I particularly love braids and learning new styles.
  • The word lovely.
  • Skirts! I currently have 16 in circulation compared to the 4 pairs of pants I have that are not for work.
  • My amazing fiancé Bruce Open-mouthed smile


The tiniest horned toad, me reading with Summer using me as a bed, Jazmin on day one, Summer taking a nap, & little Sarah!

Embarrassing Things: (mustering courage now…)

  • I am irrationally TERRIFIED of moths. Yes I know they are night-time butterflies and I love daytime butterflies, but the way moths tend to flutter round me or (god forbid) my face, scares me beyond reason. It takes all I can to go inside a house if there is a moth (the larger the worse it is) near the door. But I love snakes and spiders! Unless said spider lands on me or I look down and it’s right next to me. No. Then it is on like Donkey Kong. for the most part though I live by a “its one of Gods creatures” “Get a cup and a magnet” & “Oh, he/she (I can tell by their anatomy) is just lost and doesn’t want to be in here” mentality.
  • Likely TMI! If someone is within earshot I cannot…evacuate body waste in a public restroom. ‘Nuff said.
  • While I adore dogs the sound of them licking makes me slightly nausea and want to scream. Don’t know why it just…does.
  • I battle with anxiety, not the “oh I’m just anxious about such and such” more like, if everything does not go right I fail, so much could go wrong and ruin me,  mind-halting shut me down mentally for a spell anxiety. I’ve learned several coping techniques to manage it as I do NOT want to use medications unless I absolutely have to (that is for anything).  Most days I am great happy-go-lucky me but when it hits it hits like a brick shithouse and I end up a blubbering neurotic mess, no fun.


A roundup of my favorite pictures of Bruce with Sarah and Bruce & I

So this should be good for now. I probably revise, add-on and remove in the future bout for now this is me, hope you enjoyed the read! Have a lovely day.


Email me with questions you have at fittyduck@outlook.com 


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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