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7 Stretches to Loosen You Up

I’m back with another roundup! Do you find your muscles are tight, tense and achy? Read more for 7 stretches to loosen you up!

  1. Fold over- I love doing this one in the morning to stretch out my legsDSCF4420
  2. Pigeon (beginner)- This one is great for your quads!DSCF4417
  3. Pigeon (advanced)- An even deeper stretch of the previous moveDSCF4418
  4. Toe touch- We’ve been doing this since elementary, or perhaps not SINCE elementary, that’s okay too!DSCF4411
  5. Hip opener- Good deep stretch for tight hips, bonus points if your knees touch the ground! 🙂DSCF4415
  6. Single leg stretch- Great for tense quadsDSCF4419
  7. Camel Pose- Open those hips up! (For those with knee problems, you can use a rolled or folded towel under your knees for extra cushion.)DSCF4416


I hope you like this roundup and let me know in the comments which moves you’d like to see or learn next! Love you guys! 😀

So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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