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Private Selection Frozen Berries

So I am a Bzz agent and I received my kit for a campaign for Private Selection’s line at Kroger a couple of weeks ago. Kroger Private Selection brand is their gourmet brand of food specific to Kroger and Fry’s grocery stores.

One of the coupons I was given was for frozen fruit and my brain naturally went to smoothies! When I got to the store I got I ended up choosing the frozen cherries as I haven’t used cherries for any of my smoothies.


Getting back home I made up a few smoothies with them and they tasted great!

However I will note to use a cup when you go to get them out of the packages, they do leave a red juice all over your hands. The cherries were yummy, they did taste fresh, they were all good sized, and had a very nice texture to them.


I’m really glad I got these, they are a fabulous addition to my smoothies. They retail around $3. 50 to $4.50 it just depends on where you’re at. I think this would be a great to buy cherries or other frozen fruits when they are out of season.

wpid-20141008_134226.jpgThe only thing I didn’t like was the packaging. I like the idea of the resealable package, however getting the zip top to actually close can be a bit tricky. What I mean is the zip closure is added around the entire perimeter of the bag which makes it really hard to close on the ends and to match everything up. Of course this isn’t a dealbreaker as you can just transfer the contents of the bag to a actual ziplock baggie. So tell me have you ever tried Private Selection foods?  What was your experience? If not have you ever heard of them?

Note; I was given coupons to try these products by Bzz Agent however, the opinions are my own — I was not paid to voice my opinion for them. Have a lovely day!


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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