PraNa 30 Day Challenge Week One

Hey everybody how’s your day going today? So I’ve been sort of doing the 30 day challenge. This past week has been crazy so I haven’t been able to post everyday like I wanted. I was able to get some pictures up though. I’ve gotten into a flow now so I feel much more confident for this coming week.

Ended up having a dangerous reaction to my antidepressant. I had to go the counselor, doctors and nurses to get me started on a new medication (Lithium), decrease dosages (Welbutrin), setup appointments and it was just a mess. The yoga that I was able to do helped immensely with the stress levels surrounding all of it and my work/class schedule. I can definitely see how incorporating yoga into a simple daily routine can help a person for the better.


So I was able to get into the dancer’s pose again! Was really excited about it, in the picture that is my left leg there, which is the one that they did surgery on. That’s as high as I can get it right now but I fully intend on keeping a stretch you’re the future.


Ended up in for a 6 a.m. shift and before that, I thought it could be a great idea to do a little bit of yoga to get the day off to a good start. I’m working on some of my arm poses and core work by doing handstands. I was able to hold the position for roughly 15 seconds which was really neat. I’m working on straightening up my legs, again I fully intend on improving this move.


Downward dog is one of my favorite moves, it’s great on tight hamstrings. Still can’t get my heels to touch I figure with practice I’ll be able to. I don’t know why it feels so good, it just does!


A great surprise I discovered on Sunday (I believe) was that I had to add a notch into my belt. I was around 156 about two and a half weeks ago and now I’m down to 149.2! Now that I’m able to resume my normal activities, my workouts, and my cardio I am able to lose weight again. Getting closer and closer to my goal weight of 135 pounds and it feels great!

Well, that about wrapped up my first week of the 30 Day praNa challenge. I also just started the 12 day mini challenge along with that. It has some awesome rewards and prizes that you can win and it definitely can’t hurt any! The way I see it, I’m already doing the poses and by having set moves to do each day for 12 days give me a little bit more structure to the challenge. Let me know how you’re faring with the challenge, I’m curious, I really want to know! Have a lovely day!

Question of the day:

Are you doing the 30 or 12 day challenge? Do you do yoga regularly?


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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