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5 Ways to Make a Workout Fun!

Another boring workout? How sad! I get it working out isn’t always fun but here are five ways to make it better!

  1. Bring a friend! Sometimes all you need is a little extra encouragement and someone to talk to you to make a work out significantly better. Bringing a friend along has double benefits as you both get an a great work out and you get to catch up.
  2. Buy new gear– when you buy new workout clothes you get excited about working out again and then you get excited about working out in those clothes so treat yourself, buy a new outfit.
  3. Find a new workout- sometimes all you need is to shake up your routine. This also has double benefits as you get excited for working out again and I can help you get over a plateau.
  4. Take it outside– a change of scenery can do a lot instead of the same old view at the gym. If your runner, take a new route or do your normal route in reverse. If you’re a walker try a new Street or driving to a park and walking around that.
  5. Add new music! I can’t tell you how many times music has got me through a rough workout that otherwise would’ve been just plain dry! And if you don’t have a new playlist I have one for you right here!

What other ways do you make workouts fun? Sound off below! Love you!


Top 3 Fitness Myths

Being a fitness lover I run into myths galore. In this short roundup, I have three of the top fitness myths you may encounter.

  1. No pain no gain– it’s not supposed to hurt to work out, if it hurts you’re doing something wrong. The myth that working out is supposed to be painful it is wrong and dangerous and can lead to setbacks in your fitness journey as you recover from an injury.
  2. You must work out every day– this is also a bad idea. You want to give your body a rest day or two in between your workouts to allow for ample recovery. Now, on your rest days you don’t have to do nothing at all you can just go for a walk or do some light cardio or yoga that way you’re still moving.
  3. You can spot reduce-you can’t lose weight in targeted areas. You tend to lose weight where you gain it first so if you gain weight in your face first that’s generally where you’ll see the weight-loss at before other places. What you should use instead as a tool of measurement is your actual body measurements and watch how you lose overall inches in your full body.

I hope you like this quick little round up and I’ll see you next time! Love you guys!

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7 Stretches to Loosen You Up

I’m back with another roundup! Do you find your muscles are tight, tense and achy? Read more for 7 stretches to loosen you up!

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V-8 energy and me

Being a Bzzagent every now and then I get a campaign offers to try out different products. My latest campaign was for V-8 energy which was just amazing!

I love drinking these before I go work out and they give me a nice little pep of energy so I can slay my workouts. It’s also a nice boost in the middle of the day without rushing to a cup of coffee, especially if it’s hot out. And it has a serving of fruits and veggies in it which is even better!

I highly recommend trying out a few of the flavors they have orange pineapple and this delicious pomegranate blueberry which is my favorite as well as other varieties. I found mine at our local Fry’s Food and Drugs but I’m sure if you go onto the website you can go to the product locator and find it at a store near you.

I’m not being paid to say any of this stuff I just got the campaign to try out the product and I’m just giving you my honest review of it the taste is like a fruit juice, Not artificial, and just very refreshing. I hope you guys have a wonderful evening! Love you guys!!