Arms Workout for Awesome Guns!

So today started out with a trip up to Flagstaff to donate plasma. Continue reading “Arms Workout for Awesome Guns!”

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Back From Hiatus!

Hello everyone! As some of you may have noticed, I have been making little changes here and there to Fitty Duck up to and including a new look! I love how clean the blog looks now and I am excited to be back after a long hiatus.

The reason I was gone so long is because I started a new chapter in my life. I moved into my first apartment with my fiancé, got a new job, and started nursing school! Then I had a health crisis and I am postponing nursing school for a year. A lot has happened!

I’ve also decided that I want Fitty Duck to focus more on fitness and workouts. I’m also thinking about adding in videos or a podcast later down the lines, what would you like to see?  

Talk soon, love you!


Kettlebell Work

I finally got my hands on the kettlebell, granted it’s only a five pound one but seeing how I’ve never used one before, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I’ve been reading about how fabulous they are and have been itching to try them out. Try out this kettlebell workout! Continue reading “Kettlebell Work”

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Workout.Destroyed Playlist

Ever have a day where you are just NOT feeling your workout? Who am I kidding, of course you have! Not to worry though, I have compiled some killer songs that will help you just DESTROY your workout! YAY!!

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