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The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss Success

Today I am going to let you in on a little secret. It’s the secret to losing weight successfully and permanently. Bet you’re dying to know what that is huh? Keep reading to find out!
Now that I’ve got your attention, get ready for the secret. Ready?
There is no secret. There is no magical fairy that has pixie dust that dissolves fat from your body. There is no one pill or diet to rule them all.

Now, before you drop your lip to the floor and hang your head between your knees, hang on. While there is no fat genie, there is a key to weight loss. Get ready for some Hallmark cheesiness…..

The key is you. See? Doesn’t get any cheesier than that. What I mean by that is that any permanent success or failure you may have is going to be determined by you.

Diets and diet pills
What this means is there’s hundreds of different diet pills and diets out there. They only work as long as you take them and need help from you to be successful. Unless you are actively working out, and eating better, you’re not really going to lose the weight permanently.

There’s just no way you can put all of your faith into one particular diet or one particular diet pill to make everything better. As blunt as it is, unless it is medically related, the weight that was put on was because of your doing. The weight coming off will also be your doing.

Dietary modifications

Now some things that really will help you be successful is by increasing your activity and monitoring your diet. Basically, you want to be burning more each day than what you are eating. So if you want to lose weight, you can drop roughly a pound a week by eating 1500 calories a day and then burning 2000 calories a day through your activities.

That deficit of 500 calories each day will help you lose at least a pound a week in a safe way. You don’t really want to go over two pounds a week because it puts a lot of stress on your body both mentally, and physically so stick to a pound to a pound and a half and you should be golden.


Heart rate monitors

Also you can invest in a heart rate monitor for your activities. They monitor your heart rate so much better than the heart rate monitors on your cardio machines at the gym. While accurate, they work more towards the general population. They have a lot of different people going on them so the numbers are going to be close, but not as accurate as if you were to have your own.

Heart rate monitors usually has a chest piece that you secure around your chest so it can read your heart rhythm. Mine is the Polar FT 7 and it had a little computer that clips pops in and out of the strap so you can wash it. It also talks to the watch that it comes with! By inputting your information like your age, gender and current weight, it will give you a baseline as to where you want your heart rate to be at while you were working out.

By using a heart rate monitor, you can accurately determine how many calories you’re actually burning in a day. You can set it when you get up in the morning and wear it all day long. I’d do it on a day you’re not working out so you have a general idea of how many calories you burn each day. That will be more accurate than just plugging in some guesstimate numbers into a computer.



Another thing I have that I absolutely love is my little Fitbit. I have the Fitbit One, and I’ve had it for over a year now. It’s just a little pedometer. It tracks how many steps you take; the goal is to take 10,000 steps a day which roughly equals about 5 miles. And its whole purpose is to get you moving more. I’m sure you’re well aware of how sedentary people have become. Products like the fitbit or the jawbone or any other fitness tracker or pedometer is out there to help combat that.

The Fitbit has a community online where you can meet new friends and you can chat and talk each other up. You can also do different little challenges, you can set up new goal, and modify your steps by either increasing or decreasing them. There is just so much you can do with it that will keep you going each day. Even if it’s just by parking the car a little bit further away from the entrance of the store to get those extra steps it still adds up.

SMART Goal setting

My next step is to set a concrete goal. I did a post a while back about SMART goal setting, and it really does help people reach their goals. If you say something like “oh I want to lose 25 pounds this year” you’re leaving too much room for error and excuses there. What you want to do is set a date that you would like to lose that extra 25 pounds by, write out HOW you plan on doing that either by diet modifications or increasing your activity, and write out your reasons for wanting to lose weight. You can read more about this by click the link  I posted above. It also has a printout of the goal sheet for you so you can print that out as many times as you would like and use it for anything! It doesn’t have to be just losing weight or building muscle it could be for anything that you want to accomplish!


Write the reasons down!

My last thing is when you go to get started on your weight loss journey, write down ALL of the reasons why you want to do this. This kind of ties into the SMART goal setting but this will help keep that motivation up. By listing all the reasons for why you want to lose this weight, or walk four miles it can serve as a motivating boost when you’re feeling low.

reasons off the top of my head!
reasons off the top of my head!

At some point you will not want to do it anymore. It’s a given. Keep this sheet on a wall so you can look at it and you can get yourself amped up again by remembering “oh hey this is why I’m doing it. It may suck right now but if I keep at it, I will get those goals. I’ll be able to do those things right there.” Motivation is a humongous aspect for a weight loss or fitness journey. Without motivation, nothing is going to get done. I hope these tips help you out a bit, sorry I don’t have any fairy dust to make everything better! Have a fantastic day!


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