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It’s Race DAY!!

Hello everyone! It’s been  awhile yes but I have some upcoming posts for you in the next couple weeks I think you’ll like. Today’s post is just an update on what’s been going on. Bruce & I have finally gotten our own little (524 sqft. little) apartment and we move in next week! I finally got my own car, and today is my first race day!!  


I signed up for the Color Fun Fest 5K in Phoenix back in November when tickets were $20 and have been eyeballing the calendar since then.  I hadn’t realized that the 14th was at the tail end of Spring Break so I almost didn’t get the day off and  panic ensued. My brain went to overdrive thinking I wouldn’t be able to race again for something so small  like last time. Imagine my giddiness when I saw I had the day off! There had been discussion of me working 6am to 2 pm then flying down to Phoenix for a 6 pm race (just found out its at 5 pm). Doable, but yikies!

I ended up driving down yesterday and getting my packet, one to save $5 and two, to save time. Bruce may be coming with me and won’t be off work until 1:30 so we won’t be out of the house until 2 pm which can be cutting it close, especially if we had to wait in line for the packet.



Unfortunately, as I was driving down, I saw a snake of traffic coming back up that was over four miles long…I prayed to all that was holy that it would be cleared by the time I headed back up since one of my cars quirks is to stall at long idles. No such luck. The hill up from Phoenix is seven or eight miles long, my car (Mary’s her name, yes I name my cars) does not like to sit still.on hills.going 4 mph.for 50 minutes.



In case you get on me for texting, and posting pictures to instagram while driving, this was NOT driving. The car was off! Haha! Once traffic finally started moving I saw the remains of a now unrecognizable motorcycle which hits your right in the gut just knowing the outcome. Prayers went out to all the ones involved and their families before I resumed my careful driving. I’ve never driven to Phoenix by myself, and to be honest I’m always afraid I’m going to get shot down there so, I avoid it. I’m surprised there’s not imprints on the steering wheel from me white knuckling it all the way down, and allll the way up.

It’s too late to sign up for Phoenix but head over to the Color Fun Fest 5K site to check out the other locations near you. Well, it’s finally time to get ready, I will be posting pictures over the next few days so keep your eyes open!


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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