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Color fun fest 5k Phoenix recap

Got to the race and did it! Was so happy when I finally made it down there and was able to do it. However, it was so close to not happening it’s not even funny.

So we found out my car has an oil leak and it caused the oil to burn off. On top of traffic heading down to Phoenix, a time shortage and my car dying at an idle in said traffic. Talk about terrifying!

My car actually died about 4 or 5 times on the freeway going 60 to 80 miles an hour surrounded in traffic. Fortunately each time it died, I was able to pull over safely by hitting the hazards and getting over to a shoulder. God must have been looking out for us because each time I died there was nothing around us in the direction we need to go.

We ended up stopping at a Circle K and found out that my car was almost out of oil! This is not good seeing how I just had an oil change not even two and a half weeks ago. Bruce put oil into it and after a short amount of time, we got back on the road to head over to the race. The car died a couple more times in the freeway and then we got stuck in traffic trying to get into the Pavilion at the race.

Needless to say, by the time we got to the pavilion, I was shaking, whimpering, and swearing away. I’ve never really driven down in Phoenix before and to have my car died on the freeway is the stuff of nightmares ESPECIALLY down there.

The adrenaline settled from that and we were able to get through the line fairly quickly and STILL get to start line only shortly after the day wave started. There was a lot of people doing it so it was very easy for me to just weasel on in there haha! So the race itself took place in the AK-Chin Pavilion  parking lot, they had cones set up so you did a zigzag throughout two of their parking lots to get the 3.1 miles.


There was three color stations along the route and at the first one I got nailed in the face with blue starch…it was awesome! Most definitely a lot of strollers and kids so I had to watch my step so I didn’t step on any little ones. Also there was a lot more walkers than I thought there was going to be. Only about 10%of the participants were actually runners which was surprising to me.


Oh well, they were still out there going away having a blast and it was just wonderful seeing everybody have so much fun. I passed out the Sweatpink shoelaces I had stashed in the camera bag so hopefully they’ll check out the site!


I did see some of the people cheat by not doing the course properly and  just cutting across the parking lot. Not cool man, not cool! I was able to wear my Planet Fitness work shirt coupled with my Planet Fitness that makes its appearance in just about every outing that I do. I’m excited for some my pictures to be posted on the Planet Fitness Facebook page. It was pretty cool a few people saw me and I can hear them say “hey Planet Fitness”, or “hey Planet Fitness is here” or, hey there’s Planet Fitness!” It made me smile a good bit.


Towards the end, around two in a quarter mile my knee started to act up. I ended up walking a little bit more than I had wanted to, but I finished the race in 45 minutes. Which was would be better than I had anticipated. I was allowing over an hour easily since it was my first race ever, and my first real big running activity since the surgery. I have my brace on which helped, although I got a little irritating after a while but not much can be done about that. It actually ended up looking really cool with all the different colors on it. Kind of like a weird ‘we’re in this together yeah, get it’ sort of thing if that makes sense.


As predicted, Bruce did not escape uncolored. Somehow he thought that he would be able to go to this color run were you getting nailed with colored cornstarch and he would not be affected because he wasn’t racing. Oh was he wrong! He was waiting for me by the finish line and when I went over to get him I nailed him in the face and all over with bright green corn starch. Then I proceeded to drag him through the finish line and point out to the volunteers that “hey he doesn’t have any on him!” Oh it turned into like a color starch war, by the time we were done with him he looks exactly like a unicorn had farted on him! Oh like a rainbow exploded on him, take your pick!


We got so many pictures it was just great. When I got back to the car someone left a present under my wiper blades. It’s a flyer for the neon run down in Phoenix at rawhide on May 16th which is another 5k. So I know what my next race is!


When we finally left we ended up going over to Walmart to get some stuff to get the car squared away. Oh my god the looks we got were priceless! Completely understandable, if I saw 2 people walk in, 1 in black and pink knee highs, a knee brace, & a bright pink tutu covered in colors and the other person covered too I would give odd looks too. It was hilarious!


It was just a blast, I can’t emphasize that enough. I strongly recommend that you definitely do at least one color run if you have not already in your lifetime. I’m going to check out some more 5ks coming up and see how many more color runs there are. I’m so glad I was able to do this, I have now officially kicked off my racing career! Have a fantastic day everybody!


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