A Mini Challenge Within a Challenge by prAna

Hey everybody! As you know I’m doing the 30 day #taketheleap challenge through praNa. Well, they have stepped up their game and they have a mini challenge going along with it. It started Sunday, February 8th and goes through February 20th. If you’re doing the #taketheleap challenge too, you can do this with it. It’s a neat way to pretty much step up your game and I can’t wait to start the moves!

What it is
So basically it is a ‘Spring Awakening’ that’s going to be featured. praNa is encouraging you to participate in it to help build a stronger community, and create more yogis. What you can do, is post the image included in this post to indicate that you’re going to do it and do the poses each day. I was at work all day yesterday so unfortunately, I was not able to get this up on Sunday hence it being up this morning. There’s more deets below!


What to do

12 Day Yoga Invitation!

We’re #bringingyogaback in a big way this spring and want your help!  To celebrate, we’re hosting a 12-day Instagram yoga-inspire-a-thon.

The prize?

$1000 in prAna gear for one lucky winner AND a friend!

This is not about competition—you will not be docked points for not having the perfect downward dog, don’t worry. Instead, we want to inspire you, your friends, and your family to hit the mat more often and share your progress with the larger Insta family.

As further motivation, one lucky participant will receive $1,000 in new prAna gear from our Spring Collection AND the opportunity to gift another $1000 in gear to a person of their choice (because isn’t giving as fun as receiving?).

All ability levels are welcome, so don’t feel any pressure to replicate a pose exactly… just do your best and always listen to your body.

To enter:

1) Follow @prAna on Instagram
2) Post a pic of yourself doing the pose of the day – you don’t have to post every day to enter
3) Use #bringingyogaback #taketheleap and tag both @prAna and @fitapproach    
4) Get your friends & family in on the fun

That’s it! The posing starts Monday, February 9th

* Special thanks to all-around awesome yogi, Michael Fukumura for sequence contribution

This is a great way to keep the challenge interesting, I also think it will help you stick with it as well as if you have certain things to do each day. Looking forward to seeing your posts! When you go to put the pictures up, add in #fittyduck on Instagram and I’ll be able to comment on them! Have a lovely day nameste. 🌻🌼🌞💟💟


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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