YogaRat Sportlite Towel Review

What is your gym towel like? Most likely, it’s a standard bath towel that no matter how you fold it, it is going to take up a lot of room in your gym bag. Frustrating right? Tired of have my gym towel take up 80% of my bags, I shopped around and found a compact sport towel at TJ Maxx for under $20!

Meet The Yoga Rat. Despite the name it is not just for yoga, the site features several types of towels you can use including ones for yoga and just working out. They vary in sizes from hand towels to beach size towels. If you order them from the website there right around $20 and they come in different colors, mine then I got TJ Maxx is the ocean /navy one and I happen to think it’s very lovely!
Rolled up towel
Rolled up towel

What’s really cool about them is they are so big and they roll up to practically nothing. If you get the sport towel, they cover your entire body easily so nothing is hanging out and they dry you very fast. They are made of a super absorbent microfiber the does feel a bit different than your standard microfiber cloth or Terry bath towel. The texture can be a little unusual at first but I got used to it quickly.

When I say I dries your skin fast I’m not kidding, virtually the second and touches your wet skin, it’s pulling the moisture away which is awesome! Even after you completely dry off it isn’t sopping wet or heavy with water. It’s very easy to fold and roll it back up to its compact size to store in a waterproof bag to keep the rest of your gym bag contents dry.

Unrolls or unfolds to a full sized towel.

It also features a sewn in loop which is handy for hanging it on the back of stall doors or if you do like me and get off of the garment hook in the car so that it dries instead of just sitting in my gym bag. Even though this is called a sport how you can see how this could work for traveling purposes. Seriously, think of all the extra crap you could pack without a standard towel taking up so much room!

At the bottom right, you can see the garment hook.
At the bottom right, you can see the garment hook.


Like I said earlier, I got this at TJ Maxx I was not compensated for buying the towel. I just thought it would work well so I tried it out and now I’m posting my honest review of this towel.


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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