My Life


So after the surgery, I’ve been going a bit stir crazy. While I have been binging on Netflix and Hulu I have also been creating some workouts and articles for here.


The first couple of days were pretty painful, Tuesday wasn’t nearly as bad as Wednesday though. I think that had  something to do with residual anesthesia being in my system on Tuesday, and it officially wearing off on Wednesday.


I can’t explain how excited I am now that I’ve had the surgery done! I can finally go about this the right way, do the physical therapy in a couple of days and get started on the right track of getting my activities back.


Even though the physical therapy should have been done the first time around, to prevent this surgery, I am glad that I am on the right track now….For the most part.

So these Campbell’s soups are supposed to make everything easy. In theory, you can just drink your soup with no trouble while sick or on the go. Unless you are me,and get stuck with the special can where everything just stays at the bottom…


I’ve already signed up for a race in March, it’s the color fun fest 5k down in Phoenix on the 14th I believe. I’ll have plenty of time to rest and recover, at least 6 weeks before resuming activities. After that I will have 7 weeks to train for the race, which should be more than enough time. I’m so looking forward to finally being able to raise, I can’t wait until then. In the meantime, baking,tea and kitties have helped me recover.


Here’s to a whole new start!

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