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Surgery Time!

Hello everyone! Just a quick post as I am having surgery on my knee in a few hours. So after the MRI was done, they found out that my patella is pulled off to the left hand side. They said this is most likely caused from my first surgeon that went in and did the meniscus repair and didn’t have me do physical therapy afterwards. As a result the outside muscles of my thigh got strong while the inner muscles of my thighs remained weak.

Basically what that means is my patella did not have equal tension from both sides and got pulled more to one side. So, they’re going to do go in and sever the ligaments so that when it goes to repair itself it will lengthen back out and put my patella back in the right spot. I get a fresh start!

They will also repair any other damage in there, then I’ll be jumping into physical therapy on Thursday. The other option was to do physical therapy for my inner thigh for the rest of my life. As much as I would love to do that, it’s not going to work out seeing how I already did physical therapy and it didn’t help…

So I will be out my regular activities for 6 weeks from tomorrow, and then I’ll jump in the training for the color fun fest 5k down in Phoenix on March 14. After the six week down time, I will have 7 weeks to train for the race which is more than enough time! I can’t wait until I get my activities back, and can do the workout I love doing. It also means I’ll be able to post even more workouts that I’ve actually been able to test. So yeah, that’s all I got right now, I’ll see you guys on the other side!

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