Why You Should Workout in the A.M.

Let’s face it, the idea of rolling out of bed sometimes before the sun is even up is less than desirable. However, there are crazy benefits to working out first thing in the morning. Read on to see what they are!

1. It’s done and over with – by doing your work out first thing in the morning you don’t have to think about it all day long. I don’t think about her all day long you’re less likely to put it off until tomorrow.

2. Less wait at the gym – while there are a good chunk of people that work out first thing in the morning, there are even more people that work out in the evenings or right after they get off of work. By working out first thing in the morning you avoid waiting at the gym if that’s where you do your main routines at.

3. Boosts metabolism – it helps kick start your metabolism for the day and keeps up to get you through the day. This is great if you’re looking to lose weight as you’re going to have a higher metabolism which in turn means you’re going to burn more energy and lose weight.

4. Energy! Morning workouts can provide you with a great amount of energy. Coffee can do the same thing and I’m not saying you should just replace coffee with working out I could never do that. But it does provide you a nice bit of natural energy.

5. Meals more regulated – getting it done first thing sets you up for more regular meals. You’re more likely to eat breakfast afterwards, and then follow up with a good lunch and dinner.

6. Mental awareness – it helps you think better. Morning routines help set you up for mental clarity all day.

7. Better Zzz’s – by doing it sooner rather than later you set your body up for a good full day. You’re going to sleep better at night because when you work out, you raise your body temperature. In order to sleep, your body lowers your core temperature a little bit to help you nod off. The decrease in temperature it is sort of like alarm in your body telling you it’s bedtime. We work out later that alarm is going to go off and you’re going to stay up even later.

8. Feel great! I won’t lie it feels pretty awesome to have a full workout done before people are even awake. You get bragging rights too like ‘what were you doing at 5 a.m.?’ “Oh well I did my full body routine!”

9. Distress for the rest of the day – it can help you clear your mind and map out how the rest of your day will go. People who work out in the morning, tend to have lower stress levels throughout the day.

10. Beauty boost! By increasing blood flow you’re going to have a natural glow going on, so you may not even need to use as much makeup such as foundation, blush, or highlighters.

Tell me, do you work out in the morning? If so, why do you do it? If not why not?

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4 thoughts on “Why You Should Workout in the A.M.”

  1. I am such a morning person. I find that if I do not get my run in early, then I get pretty grump and down on myself. Even if I have a difficult run, it is better than nothing. I live with a natural glow all the time, since I am horrible at applying makeup or even knowing how to buy the right products. LOL
    Sunscreen, eye concealer, lip gloss, mascara. There done, that’s it 🙂

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    1. I agree that a difficult run is better than no run at all. I also get a bit crabby when I miss my runs. I have foundation but I use occasionally, my face stays clear except for once a month lol. That’s the only time I break out so I do have concealer and foundation on hand although I can barely use them haha! I’m huge on eye makeup though, and my newest addiction has been lipstick.


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