Things to do Before You Workout (Gym Series Part IV)

Hello everyone, welcome back to my gym series! This week’s post is going to talk about what you should be doing before you actually go work out. By following these steps, you’ll be setting yourself up for a killer workout!

1. Eat something least 30 to 60 minutes before you workout –
 your body is going to fuel for what it’s going to go through. You don’t expect your car to go far on an empty tank, don’t expect the same thing from your body.

2. Hydrate 1-2 hours before you workout– make sure you are properly hydrated. Being dehydrated is one of the biggest causes of muscle cramps. That and lower potassium, so while you’re eating something make sure you grab a banana. You also want to hydrate as you work out, just little sip here in there to keep you going.

3. Map about your routine – it makes it much easier to get through a workout if you have a set routine that you want to do that day. This eliminates mindless working out when you create a focus and a goal for that day.

7 Pre-Workout Essentials

4. Make sure your gym bag is properly stocked – a well stocked gym bag can make or break your workout. Make sure you have all the essentials (link to gym bag essentials)

5. Wear the right clothes – this can also make or break your workout if you are in clothes that are stuffy don’t breathe or just uncomfortable in general.

6. Warm up beforehand – the best way to warm up is to go for a light walk so hop on the treadmill for five minutes to get your blood going and your muscles warmed up. While you’re there tune in to a killer playlist. This will get you amped and ready to go for your workout.

7. Work out! Put your game face on, get out there, and kill your workout. You’ve got this!


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