Foam Rolling 101

Foam rollers are things that people love to hate. I have a love hate relationship with my roller although it’s more love than hate. It’s fantastic for your tight muscles keep reading to learn why.

About foam rolling

Is a form of self myofascial translation, self massage. By using it, you help release tight muscles, or trigger points (knots). When you roll over the tight spot it’s not going to feel good I won’t lie. It may even hurt a little bit however it should not hurt too much. If anything you should be more uncomfortable than actually hurting. By adding direct pressure onto the trigger points, the muscle will release and the knot should dissipate. It also helps increase blood flow, and circulation to the areas which is great for muscle recovery, building, and strengthening.

Benefits of foam rolling:

Improve circulation and blood flow to the muscles.

Reduces pain.

Relieves tight muscles

Helps increase range of motion– you’re not going to be able to bend as far with tight muscles. When you release those muscles, you’ll find you can get deeper range of motion for exercises in turn making them more effective.

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