Gym Etiquette for Everybody (Gym Series Part I)

Gyms can be very intimidating for many people. The biggest reason for this is gyms have many unspoken rules. Often times people do not want to break these said rules but if they don’t go on there really know if they’re breaking up or not, so they typically just avoid the place. Here I’m going to line up several different rules that can keep everybody happy at the gym.
1. Don’t sit at the machines without working out – this is very very irritating especially if your club has only a limited number of machines. The leg press is not the place to be updating Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anything else.

2. No phone conversations on the gym floor – most facilities have a lobby that you can take your phone calls too. Trust me, nobody wants to hear about your new shoes or your work place drama. Most of us are actually there to escape that aspect of our lives.

3. Wipe down the machines after you use them – humans secrete all kinds of things when they’re working out and not everybody wipes down the machines which is very disgusting. Be courtesy and wipe down the machines when you’re done using them. It shows that you’re actually considerate of the other people that are there it’s just good manners. It also helps reduce the amount of bacteria on the different machines therefore decreasing your chances of catching diseases.

4. Don’t be a creeper– this applies to both sexes, it’s flattering for about 2 seconds. Don’t stare at the hot chick or hot guy while they work out. It makes people feel uncomfortable and then they don’t want to go there. It can also get your membership cancelled or terminated so don’t be a gym stalker.

5. Help each other out – instead of making fun of somebody using one of the machines, if you know how to use it properly go over and offer to help.

6. Be polite – keep your rude comments to yourself. About 90 percent of the people that are there are actually trying to improve themselves. Don’t make fun of them because of their size, if they’re actually trying to work out and they’re going as hard as they can, be a decent human being!

7. Clean up your mess – if you bring water bottles, or towels on to the floor make sure you take it with you when you move from one machine to the next.


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8. Don’t hog the machines – this is slightly different than just sitting at the machines texting or doing whatever. This applies if you are actually working out but the machines have time limits or the facility is particularly busy. If there are people waiting for the machines and you’re taking your sweet time that’s not cool. Other people are trying to work out too its not just you there. This also extends to the people that take up two or more machines at one time. They claim them as their own machines and they will bounce back and forth between two and five different machines. When they do that, it makes it very difficult for other people to work out because they’re using all of them at one time. Use one machine at a time and make sure you wipe them down afterwards.

9. Actually work out with your workout friend – again most of the facilities have a lobby of some sort where you can catch up with your friend at. I’ve seen workout buddies take a few pieces of equipment and then literally just sit on it and talk for 20 minutes without using any of the equipment. This is another form of hogging and it’s very irritating to the members wanting to actually work out.

10. Don’t be rough with the equipment – yes it can take a beating but that doesn’t mean you should do it intentionally. Don’t drop the weights, smack them against one another, throw them or misuse them in general.

11. keep the bull sounds and grunting to a minimum– yes I know when you get through several sets and you’re really digging deep for that last few reps you tend to grunt a little bit. That’s fine! I’m talking about the people that are grunting and huffing so badly you actually wonder if they are in labor or if a bull has been set loose in the gym. It’s distracting, annoying, and intimidating, try to keep the sounds to a minimum please!

12. Honor your facilities rules- working out there is a privilege, not a right. Make sure you know your facilities policies and dress codes and try your best not to break them.

I hope you enjoy this round up of gym etiquette, at the very least you can walk in now with an air of confidence! Have a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “Gym Etiquette for Everybody (Gym Series Part I)”

  1. These are great tips! Theone that bothers me the most is the working out with a friend one. When I go to the gym there are a lot of high schoolers there, and the girls will just hang out by the machines chatting away. I just wanna be like move! getout of my way! lol

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    1. Oh I hear you on that! I was working out about a week ago and there were these two girls that got a couple of yoga mats and medicine balls. No problem, until they decide to sit there for 20 minutes yakking away! Most facilities only have a limited amount of supplies and when they’re just sitting there holding on to gear while they catch up on the latest episode of Real Housewives of I-Don’t-Care-Where it’s so annoying and rude. I wanted to smack them upside the head lol!


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