Why You Should Workout in the A.M.

Let’s face it, the idea of rolling out of bed sometimes before the sun is even up is less than desirable. However, there are crazy benefits to working out first thing in the morning. Read on to see what they are!
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Things to do Before You Workout (Gym Series Part IV)

Hello everyone, welcome back to my gym series! This week’s post is going to talk about what you should be doing before you actually go work out. By following these steps, you’ll be setting yourself up for a killer workout!
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Yurbuds Inspire Headphone Review

My new awesome headphones!

It has finally happened, I finally found headphones to actually stay in my small ears! Everytime I try to use earbuds, they either shoot out of my ears like little rockets, or they just fall out the second I move my head. Not anymore! Enter the Yurbuds Inspire. Continue reading “Yurbuds Inspire Headphone Review”


Gym Bag Essentials (Gym Series Part III)

Welcome back to my gym series! Today I will be talking about on of the most important aspects of your gym routine, the gym bag! It can make or break your routine to be honest. Keep it well stocked, and you will be set for a fantastic workout.
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