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Back to My Weekly Produce Hauls!

The first paycheck finally came through at my new job! *Does happy dance*. Ever since I lost my last job, I haven’t been able to really do my weekly produce shopping. That means my usual green smoothies have become non-existent. Hence the lack of recipes. Not anymore though!

While I am growing some of the greens I use regularly in my little garden, that only goes through for the season. Even if that’s just seasonal, it will still shave off $15 of produce a week.


My greens look a little limp right now because they’ve only been in the pallet for about a week. They’re still recovering from transplant shock although they are getting stronger each day. 🙂 I’m growing romaine, red and green leaf lettuce, and kale as those are the main greens that I use for bases and salads. I’m thinking of adding in spinach and Swiss chard too.

I will say it is nice to just go out into my dad’s backyard and harvest organic cucumbers, green onions, and tomatoes without having to pay the organic prices for them. It’s definitely something I can get used to! Of course, I will still have to buy leafy greens for a few weeks until mine are ready to harvest. However, just knowing that I’ll be able to harvest and not have to buy them too much longer is great! So onto my weekly haul!


My haul includes: 1 head of organic kale, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, and romaine. It also includes 5 large avocados, roughly 10-12 roma tomatoes, the pack of spinach power greens you see back there, and four packages of red raspberries on sale for 87 cents a piece! Oh and a bunch of bananas, for a total cost of $23 only because I haven’t been produce shopping in WELL over a month and a half. Its usually around $13 unless there a great sale and I’m stocking up on fruits for the freezer.


These greens I find at Walmart with the best price around $3 for the large bag, it’s a blend of several different greens so it’s fantastic for the super green smoothies. (My monster smoothies which I can now get back to). I’ve been reading up on storing greens, especially if you’re going to stock up.

If you’re just going to use them for smoothies there’s no reason why you can’t freeze them. Yes, if you were going to freeze them with the purpose of a salad later on that’s going to be less than ideal because it’s going to thaw out into a green mush. But if you think about it, it’s just going to go from the freezer into the blender and get pulverized so it doesn’t really matter what it looks like when it thaws out.

The same thing applies to fruits that have a high water content like melons especially watermelon. This way you can buy the fruit or the greens when they’re on sale and then freeze them on  a baking sheet covered with wax paper before transferring them to Ziploc bags.

Tip: make sure you get the snap closure baggies, you don’t want the ones with the slider as they still let in air which can lead to freezer burn faster.

When you go produce shopping, what items are your staples? For me is leafy greens, tomatoes, and bananas every week when I can! Do you garden at all? If you do what do you grow in it? If not have you thought of starting one?


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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