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Week Three #ActiveLivingChallenge Final Recap

Well everyone, the photo challenge is over! Have to admit I’m kind of bummed, got so used to it now I’m twiddling my thumbs haha! Here’s a recap of the final week.

8/18 #activeliving today– Practicing yoga! I was working on my arm poses today, I was able to get up into a firefly for a few seconds, will take some time before I can straighten out my legs but I will get there.

Yoga day!
Yoga day!


8/19 #futureexcitement: this one includes several things I am excited for, I am looking forward to becoming my strongest, healthiest self while learning to destress along the way. I am so excited for my future it’s so hard to pick one favorite thing, so…I’m excited for all of it, bring it on!

I'm excited for life!
I’m excited for life!


8/20 #sweatyselfie : UH-OH you caught me on a rest day! Don’t worry, I have plenty of sweaty selfies to pick from, this one wad from one of my last morning runs about a week ago.

Post running selfie
Post running selfie


8/21 #shorttermgoal: this day was rough, I was told by my physical therapist the following day that I cannot run the race due to the condition of my knee. I may be able to walk it though, we will see!

UV Splash Race
UV Splash Race


8/22 #favoritehealthysnack: I am really lousy at choosing ONE favorite thing, so here is another collage of my favorite snacks. Yogurt, wasabi seaweed, bananas, and fresh mozzarella keep this girl crazy happy.



8/23 #favoritelornajaneactivewear: … missing! Unfortunately I had no clue what Lorna Jane Active was before starting this challenge so i don’t have any clothing articles from them yet. I hope that changes soon! Crazy how bummed I was about not being able to do that challenge!

8/24 #favoritepartofactiveliving: Again, there are several aspects about this lifestyle I truly love. The big ones are growing stronger, the health benefits, seeing my town from a new perspective by walking, hiking, and running, and movin’ my body!

Favorite parts of active living
Favorite parts of active living


I had so much fun doing this photo challenge, I can’t wait until the next one! Until next time, have a lovely day! 😀


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