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Don’t Give Up, Don’t Quit!

I get it, some days workout are not going to be perfect or great, I won’t call it bad though because if it happens then it is still good workout. That is of course unless the reason it did not happen was because you’re either on rest day (yes you need those) or you are recovering from injury. But some days workouts can just be down right sucky no matter how hard you try or how optimistic you try to view it. I get that.  I still have workouts where 5 minutes in I’m wondering “ohh my god, why am I doing it this, this sucks!”


Every Tough Workout


There are times when my less than perfect workout outweigh my great workouts or my near perfect workouts, that’s normal! I know it gets discouraging if you don’t see results immediately or if you go to do a workout and find you can’t lift as much weight as you did previously. Thing is your body is going to respond differently to your workouts. You may find that the reason you can’t leg press 80 pounds this time around is because maybe you did a run earlier that day and your legs are tired from it. It doesn’t mean your body is weak or failing, or not improving, it could just be your body telling you “hey I need a break”.

I personally think it would be best if you allowed yourself the mental break from having to have a perfect workout. Not work out for going to be on the wifi and it really our blessings when they are but you may find excessive you’re just getting started with working out it’s not going to be the most fun thing you’ve ever done. The people that are super excited about workouts are usually the ones that have been at it for a while  and have conditioned their body and mind to associate workouts with the benefits and feeling good so yes, they are very, very excited about it. when you first getting started don’t feel bad if you don’t feel this immediate excitement. Especially if you find you’re not dropping those 10-20 pounds immediately.

Your Body is Remarkable

Whatever you do do not let one less than perfect workout deter you from keeping at it, from working out regularly and striving to reach your goal. That’s usually why people end up quitting before they have a chance to see results, they think “oh, well I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks but I haven’t noticed any difference or oh I had a really bad workout I’m never doing this again its pointless”.

Let me get something straight, anytime you decide you would want to be healthier and you want to change your lifestyle so you can become a healthier better version of yourself it is never pointless. If your goal is to improve yourself that most certainly is not pointless! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

Get It

The next time you have a tough workout instead of fighting it embrace it. Ultimately these tough workouts are going to shape you into that better version of yourself. Those tough workouts are going to be the ones that you look back on with pride because you stuck through it. Remember if your goal is to lose weight, it took time to put the weight on, so it’s also going to take time for that weight to come off.

Our bodies are freaking amazing. Your body will get you where you want it to be, be it toning up or building muscle, or losing weight your body will get you there. If your mind does not stand in the way. Your body will do it its more of if your brain will let you do it and that’s something that is entirely in your control.

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Every Tough Workout

Get It

Your Body is Remarkable


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