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The Sweatpink Shoelaces Are Here!

They are here! I’ve been waiting so long for shoelaces. Yes shoelaces, but they’re not just any shoe laces they are the Sweatpink shoelaces through Fit Approach.


Fit Approach is this awesome community where like-minded fitness individuals can put up articles and discuss how they maintain a positive lifestyle.


Geared more at women, even though there are men ambassadors, it supports people who get out there and tough through the workouts even though they don’t want to. It commends the people that get up early in the morning and go for their run or their walk even though they much rather sleep in. It also gives praise to people that are making lifestyle changes and taking those first steps, those first crucial steps to changing their life for the better.


It’s a great way to meet people that are also passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and working out. Fit Approach doesnt support any sort of crazy diets or 100 calorie snacks that just leave you feeling sad and deprived. It’s about you reaching your goals through a healthy diet and a good exercise routine, it does NOT promote extremes on either end. It’s all about being as healthy as you can be and meeting new people along the way. I’m still new to it so there is still a lot about it that I have to learn but I’m very excited to be part of this community! And look forward to being with them for years on end.

As soon as I got them I ended up tearing all the old shoe laces out of my old shoes in a rather maniacal manner before replacing them with the pink ones. I I had put the order in a while ago and put it in for 10 shoelaces. Well those didn’t come in so I thought there was an error with the order so I put in another order for additional 5 shoelaces. Both of the orders were perfectly fine they were just backed up for the time being and I ended up with 15 pairs of shoe laces instead of just 10! No worries though I’ve already gotten rid of 6 pairs!


I’m definitely going to be ordering more of them. Especially since I just started work at Planet Fitness I think I may have an opportunity to pass some out there too.


Each time I lace up now I’ll be at for a walk or run I smile the bright pink just makes me feel all giddy and happy inside. That can’t possibly be bad!
Below is a link to my ambassador page it’s still a work in progress so bear with me as I figure it out. I hope you have a lovely day!

Niquole Abram SPA


2 thoughts on “The Sweatpink Shoelaces Are Here!”

  1. Niquole, so exciting. I remember getting mine and our daughter wanted them. Good thing we had plenty 🙂 Welcome to our SPA family


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