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Week Two #ActiveLivingChallenge Recap

Week two of the #ActiveLivingChallenge is over and it is time to recap the weeks challenges.

8/11: Favorite superfood: Chia seeds! The things are awesome, loaded with nutrients and it is hard to say them without saying ch-ch-ch-chia! They pack 11g of fiber, 4g of protein, and 9g of fat including omega-3’s. A serving size is one tbsp, I love to add these to smoothies, they thicken it up and make them more filling.

Chia seeds

08/12 do something new! For this challenge I had to really think about something new that I want to do that I haven’t mentioned before. Then I remembered how fascinated I was by people being it with you the human flag and other forms of calisthenics. Especially on playgrounds. So that’s what my “do something new challenge” was today I’m also trying out headstand prep by using the walls for support to build up my shoulders. I’m going to have to keep at least for some time to build up the strength I need me upper body but I know I can do it.


8/ 13 how are you active living? It’s my birthday! I was inspired by a post by Cynthia Steele at You Signed Up for What?! What she did on her 41st birthday was she ran 4.1 miles so I thought that was really awesome and waiting for my birthday comes around. I wasn’t able to run due to an ankle injury and my knee but I was able to walk that distance 2.6 miles for my 26th. After that, I came home and then tried out the 20 minute barre video I found through fit approach, it was really good! After that I went on to my nightly yoga and yeah, that was how I stayed active today.


8/ 14 what image motivates you? Like the rest of my images, it’s hard to choose just one so I do collages. Images that motivate me to keep going include a woman at the top of the mountain in a victory stance, a 10k with a checkmark by it, and women in advanced yoga poses. I would love to be able to do all these things and these images help me to remember what I’m doing it for when my motivation is lacking.


8/ 15 what is your favorite quote about staying positive? I won’t lie I love quotes, there’s just something about their simplicity and inspiring sayings that just makes me smile. It’s amazing how just a few words can have such an impact on a person. These are some of my favorite ones.


08/16 maximizing your time during the day. Every bad habit of putting off my workouts to the last minute if I don’t get them done first thing in the morning. I’ll put it off for another 5 minutes 10 minutes to hours 6 hours and then next thing you know that over. What I do to maximize my time, and make sure I get everything done is I set alarms to go off early in the morning. The app I’m using is called walk me up and it uses the pedometer in my phone. You actually have to take several steps to make it stop. It has this ‘evil mode’ where if you enable it is disables the snooze so you have to get up and walk around in order for it to stop. So far it’s been very helpful for getting me out of bed and getting started with my day.


08/17 what is your ultimate dream goal? I have several but I think the main one is to be as active and healthy as I possibly can for the rest of my life. Some of my other goals include I’m getting my money back into shape so I can get back to hiking and running the way it was before, possibly hiking Kilimanjaro, and hiking several trails across the United States. I would also love to be more positive than I already am and build up my defenses better so negative people don’t affect me as much.


So that’s my weekly recap of the challenges I’m still loving this and I’m actually surprised that I’m still doing it because I usually forget within a few days. Looking forward to finishing it out!


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