My Life, Running

A Running Hiatus

For the time being I’m going to hang up the running shoes. Through a series of unfortunate events in San Diego I inadvertently sprained my ankle which has made walking in general a bit painful. That on top of my weakend left knee and its buckling,  running it’s just not something I can do safely right now. Not going to lie it’s a total bummer. I’ve been trying to run for so long now it seems like once I progressed I end up having to stop.

I know I’ll be able to run again as long as I stay optimistic, positive and keep up my exercises. I will be able to race someday in the future, not certain when but I know I’ll be able to do it because I want it badly enough. For now I just need to focus on rebuilding my left leg so I can get back to running, hiking, and bouldering.

I will do more yoga, Pilates and walking in the meantime to remain active and I will still make and do different workouts.

This is a new challenge for me, the prize is getting back to what I love.


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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