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22 Day Challenge for Team RWB & WWP

As you know I’m a big supporter of charity miles even if I don’t remember to enable it every time I head out for a walk or run. I received an email today about a 22 day challenge for running or walking 0.1 miles for both Team Red, White & Blue (Team RWB) and the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). For 22 days the goal is not to rack up as many miles as possible but is more of honoring and raising and awareness veterans around our country and the 22 veterans that commit suicide every day.

Charity Miles is wonderful, they donate 25 cents for every mile walked or ran and 10 cents for every mile you cycled. You can do other things of course, just choose the activity that mirrors it the most as they just have walk, run, or bike as their activity choices. There are all kinds of charities you can choose to donate to, so if you want to donate to Nothing but Nets one day and then Feeding America the next, you can!

Look for these when you start your activity.

Walking 0.10 miles a day is such a small amount, I can get that distance and then some walking to the mailbox so it would be more of remembering to log the distance each day. Tip; put it in your calendar or set an alarm to go off daily (until September 11th, since that is when the challenge ends) to get out there and log the distance. I did it on my phone for this evenings outing as I am lousy about remembering to turn on Charity Miles. I think this will cement the habit though :-P.


Main screen for Charity Miles
Main screen for Charity Miles

There’s also another perk to doing this for 22 day between now and 9/11, you get an exclusive Run America T-shirt that you can ONLY get by completing the challenge! How neat is that? You can wear the tee and when people ask you where you got it you can tell them about it!

Here are some links to help you out!

The initial challenge:

FAQs for the challenge:

FAQs for Charity Miles:

Charity Miles main page:

Charity Miles Facebook:

Charity Miles Twitter:


 So tell me, will you #EagleUp for WWP AND Team RWB? 


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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