Building Your Own HIIT (Build Your Own HIIT Routine | Divas Run For Bling)

Browsing through the fitness blogs I follow I came across a great post by Heather at Divas Run For Bling about Building Your Own HIIT Routine. I quickly jotted down the exercises I would do the next day and called it a night. The next day, I felt a little funny but was so eager to try the routine I shook it off.

My HIIT Routine
My HIIT Routine


That’s what my routine ended up looking like after mixing and matching. I love the idea of picking your routine like this, it would be great for keeping boredom at bay. While the routine was fantastic my body wasn’t having any of it. The duration for all of the exercises is supposed to be a minute and I was lucky to make it 20-35 seconds before my body just quit. Time for a rest day!

I finished the routine carefully, although frustrated that my body was so worn out. I have a lousy habit of pushing a bit too hard sometimes and although I’ve been able to keep that aspect in check for the most part sometimes my brain switches to “do all the workouts now” and my body doesn’t agree with that.

Too much for the knee!
Too much for the knee!

Note: This is NOT a result of the Build Your Own HIIT Routine, more of my over-eagerness to try the new routine before my body had rested sufficiently. (I make mistakes too).

This routine was bittersweet for me, I LOVE the routine  and plan on including it into my training regimens when I find myself getting bored. However, due to my overtraining I ended up tweaking my knee, (good news, I am going to a physical therapist to finally get my knee squared away).

My stats
My stats


I do encourage you to check out the routine, especially if you would like to mix up your HIIT sessions, this would be a great way to do it. Just make sure you listen to your body and stop if something doesn’t feel right, (I kind of did). Have you every pushed too hard? Have you ever tried a HIIT Routine? If so how did you like/dislike it? Tell me below!

Build Your Own HIIT Routine | Divas Run For Bling


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