Tabata Cardio Burst

Hello, hello my lovelies! Guess what? I have a brand new workout for you all! It is a tabata routine which is something I am sure you have seen floating around the web lately. Quick rundown: A Japanese scientist named Dr. Izumi Tabata along with his researchers found that training athletes with high intensity routines increased their muscular AND cardio strength in the shorter workout bursts than the athletes training at a moderate intensity for an hour. Bonus! The routine is to give it your all for 20 seconds on whatever exercise it is, rest for 10 seconds and repeat eight times for a total of 4 minutes.

I have done these several times and really love how I feel afterwards, kind of a  “I did it, I’m a rockstar!!” feeling. So, here is my little cardio burst routine for you guys I hope you like it!

*Disclaimer* This routine can be hard on ankles & knees, if you have problems with either, please stop immediately. Make sure you have clearance from your doctor to do a routine like this and don’t push too hard. While the goal is to go hard here, you do not want to sacrifice proper, safe form to do so. This is not about how many reps you can do in 20 seconds, it’s just about doing the move for 20 seconds as hard as YOUR body allows you. Be safe!

Equipment needed: Yourself, and a timer I personally like the Interval Timer AD app. It’s free from the Google play store and while I wasn’t able to find it in the iTunes store I did find this Interval Timer that may be good as well.


Tabata Cardio Burst



Below is a snapshot from the Interval Timer AD that I use to keep track of rounds.

Love the interface, it's simple to add rounds & create different sets.
Love the interface, it’s simple to add rounds & create different sets.


I hope you enjoy this routine, here is a PDF version of it too so you can take it with you wherever: Tabata Cardio Burst

Tell me, have you ever done a Tabata routine? If so how did you like/dislike it? If not, have you though about trying one? 


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