10 Rep Total Body Workout

It has been quite a while since I created a work out so here you go everyone! I set it up so you work your whole body & then I did three rounds of it myself to test it out and see how long it takes.

10 reps

Here is a snapshot from my phone’s stopwatch showing total time, as well as time spent in each round


Here are the results from my polar FT7 (keep in mind the results are customized to my body so your results will vary).


I got crazy sweaty from this. I looked at it and thought “oh this will be a piece of cake, I may need to make it harder.” Ha! Don’t worry it’s not too easy or too hard, It’d say it’s right in the middle, but tell me, do you want a harder workout? Let me know!

PS, if you can only do one or two rounds that is great! Don’t get discouraged if you can only do that, it is still a lot more than what people sitting around doing nothing are doing. If you find the workout too easy, fantastic! Feel free to add weights on or add on reps to intensify it, instead of a 10 rep workout shoot for a 15 or 20 rep workout. This workout is flexible, you can modify it anyway you need to. Enjoy!


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