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I’m Back (again)

Wow! So this is my first post on here since my grandfather passed on the 13th, ever since then things have been nonstop so I haven’t been able to decompress here. Now I can.

Death & funerals do funny things to people, unfortunately they seem to tear people apart more than bringing them together & after a while the drama can be overwhelming. Thankfully I was able to escape the drama either with walks or runs occasionally. I think those helped me stay sane while everyone else lost their minds.

An adorable, sweet squirrel makes any run better.
An adorable, sweet squirrel makes any run better.

During my stay in Oregon, I found out that I can go three days before I start the Jekyll & Hyde routine from not running. Good to know! Of course, had I known I would find Jerry (I named the squirrel in the above photo) I would have brought little treats for him. He was seriously the cutest little thing I have seen in some time, he came right up to me!

I was able to run on Friday before the viewing and again Saturday before the funeral, both times they helped immensely. Saturday however my brain got overloaded by being around so many people everyday for a solid week from dawn to bedtime and I had to bail out. I told everyone I was just going to walk the couple blocks to my old elementary school to clear my head and took off. It didn’t matter that I was in 1.5″ heels and my feet were killing me I just knew I had to go before I lost it. I made it to the school and quickly remembered my favorite park Riverside was just a couple MORE blocks away, (actually 6).

Riverside is my favorite place in La Grande,OR I spent so many days there as a kid that I am likely to throw a fit if I cannot get to the park when I go visit family. First thing I did was rip of those heels and go to my knees in the cool water, it was so refreshing! I went to my old hiding spot and just zoned out for a bit listening to the river and feeling the little fishes nibble my feet.

By the time I left I felt like a new person, and thank God that feeling is still there, even today.

Even though last week was a nightmare, going to Oregon gave me something I’ve been missing, clarity, confidence, & better knitting skills 😛 . I was able to think clearly about things going on in my life and finally got the ‘aha’ moment I’ve been searching for to improve my situations.

The old cement mill heading towards Boise.
The old cement mill heading towards Boise.


Shifting gears. After years of begging, dad finally was able to take me to the old cement mill between Baker City and Boise, ID to explore. I was like a kid in a candy store there even though the air was smokey from a fire in the distance. I took as many pictures as I could in the limited time and I think they came out pretty good, especially for phone photos!

Phew, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this post, or if I was going to at all. I think it sums everything up pretty well!

If you have lost a family member, did exercise help you cope? Tell me below!

Oh! Almost forgot, I am now a Sweat Pink Ambassador! Yay!


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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