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6 Mile Walk Challenge!

As I headed out for my walk today my special brain presented me with a challenge. A 6 mile walk challenge. I just downloaded FitRPG and have a bit of a love affair going on with it. It seemed like it would be a good way to get gold from the quests! (I was right, I racked up over 600 from 3 quests). In case you haven’t heard, FitRPG turns your daily steps into ‘quests’ where you earn gold to do battle and hopefully win even more gold. Just like a real RPG only for steps! It’s goal is to connect you to other users and provide you an incentive to log more steps throughout the day in game format. It’s a great motivator, I’ve found.

A couple of snapshots from fitRPG.
A couple of snapshots from fitRPG.

So today I loaded up a few quests headed out the door and then my special brain was like “I bet you can’t walk 6 miles before the storm comes.” So…I did. It started out fine, humid but fine, and around mile 2 I got a phone call for a job interview next Monday! See? Walking has TONS of benefits! Alright, so the interview offer would have happened even if I was binge watching The X-Files but the whole “walking causes awesome things to happen” connection is wayy better!

The heat only got to 85° but with the humidity it felt much higher, until the wind started (thank God) around mile 3.5.

Mile 4 I was dragging and contemplating the sanity of myself, ” seriously brain, why are you trying to kill me?” “Lets go gallivanting along in a balmy 85 for 6 miles!” “What day is it?” “HOMG, I don’t wanna walk anymore, my butt hurts now!!”…Yeah, I’m not proud of it…

Pretty view, had to pause a minute.
Pretty view, had to pause a minute.

Fortunately around 4.25 miles I came up to our local market and bless the cashier’s heart, he filled my water bottle that had HOT water in it now with a crap-ton of ice and cool water. Such a relief!

Apparently all I needed was cold water! I damn near frolicked along the last couple miles, rocking out to Florence + The Machine (Girl crush!!) and snapping pictures.

Cold water makes it better!
Cold water makes it better!

At one point my fiance drove by to his interview & I tried convincing him that if he just drove me to 1/2 mile nobody would know…yeah he didn’t. Love you too hunny, thanks for the support! Haha!

So close!
So close!

By the time I had the house in my sights I was giddy, yet dragging, and so ready to be done. I am incredibly proud of myself for getting out there and doing the walk even though I thought I was going to die, and forgot my name at some point…Yay, victory!

IMG_20140710_144922 (1) Shortly after I got back home I checked the weather and saw this…

Beat the storm!


And the final stats!

Nailed it.
Nailed it.

So tell me, have you st any recent fitness related challenges? What were/are they? Were you successful? Tell me in the comments!


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