Legs, legs, legs!

Today’s workout is legs! I was stumped as to what workout I should do next, fortunately some lovely readers on the Fitty Duck Facebook page gave me some suggestions. Thanks ladies!

This workout should take between 10 & 20 minutes to complete, feel free to repeat the entire sequence if you want to!

Barre leg raiseLunge

Inner leg lift

I will incorporate more pilates & barre style workouts soon so sit tight!

Releve to plieReleve liftBent leg raise

I like to use the number 20 for reps, so you will see 2 sets of 20 or two sets of 10 based on the difficulty of the exercise.

Pelvic thrust!Rear leg liftbridge leg lift

Feel free to add on variations to the moves, get creative!

side bridgeHydrant

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Is it bad that I still giggle when I do the hydrant move?? Open-mouthed smile


And stretch it out! Hope you guys like it, and have a lovely day Smile


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