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Camelbak Relay Pitcher Review

So I don’t usually receive free things and I got lucky checking my email about a week and a half ago. I received an email from Shape Magazine kind of like a “do this survey and possibly get a free pitcher.” Well, I did it and didn’t think too much of it and a couple days later they emailed me a “Congratulations! You have been selected for  the Camelbak Relay Water Pitcher expect it  in a few days.” So after I did a little happy dance, I waited and waited for about a week before it arrived.

It's here!
It’s here!

After going through the setup, I must say I am quite taken by it! It does work pretty good aside from a few quirks addressed later. It holds 10 cups and I believe that is 10 8 ounces cups.

Minimum fill line on the bottom max line at the top.
Minimum fill line on the bottom max line at the top.

It has a couple of lines here as you can see I found out the hard way that you do NOT want to fill it beyond that first line. The water that is remaining in the filter, will fill it to that second line. If you EXCEED this line like I so cleverly did, it will leak out of the back as it slopes down. This makes a very big mess. Haha!

How the lid works.
How the lid works.

The winning feature of this pitcher is that it’s supposed to fill up “faster than the Brita water pitcher”. I’ve never used the Brita one personally, so I can’t really compare it to that. But from what I’ve seen, I guess the Brita pitcher it takes awhile for the water to go from the faucet through the filter, into the pitcher.  That means you spend more time at the sink waiting for it to fill than ideal.

Filter Tops

It started out a little sluggish, as the instructions said it would until the entire filter is saturated and then it sped up. What I have noticed is the water flowed through the filter without overflowing too much in the first couple of days. It seems to take the water a little bit longer to fill the pitcher now as it tends to overflow a bit from the opening.

It slopes down a bit in the back, that's where it will leak at if overfilled.
It slopes down a bit in the back, that’s where it will leak at if overfilled.

It’s kind of disappointing, it seems to have changed a bit from the first few uses to its continued use now. In order to fill it all the way with faucet on full force it’s best to do this over the sink as it will overflow until you shut the water off.



The taste of the water it is pretty good, its fresh, crisp, and clean tasting without that horrible bottled water taste. I despise bottle water from the store or anywhere, I just cannot stand the taste of it. I don’t know how many people like it honestly haha! I’m perfectly fine with tap water. So this is quite nice because it filters I tap water for me without compromising taste.

Bottle top

I went to the Camelbak site to look up costs of both the pitcher and replacement filters and the cost was around $40 and $12 respectively. The filters are supposed to last about 4 months or 80 gallons. The opening at the top of the pitcher where you pour the water has a little window that extends out the four months.

Filter dial to remind you when to change it.
Filter dial to remind you when to change it.

You can see the dial on this picture here. Currently set to June, so I won’t have to change again until September. When you change the filter you just turn that dial to the current month and it will show you about when you should look at changing the filter again in the window. I thought this is a very neat feature.

You can see in this picture the pour speed is pretty good, it doesn’t take long to pour water from this pitcher which is also very nice.

Pour speed is good :-)
Pour speed is good 🙂

Where I live right now, the water is very, very hard and has destroyed several coffee makers despite our best attempt to keep the deposits down. The goal is that this pitcher will help cut down the cost of  refilling water gallons to put in the coffee maker.

Despite its little quirks, I’m quite taken by this pitcher. It does what it needs to do very well, and you can’t really expect it into a whole lot more. I would definitely recommend this to somebody.

Note, I received this from filling out a survey (lucky me) . The opinions are my own and I am NOT being compensated in any way to do this.

Smoothies, Smoothies!

Filling Breakfast Smoothie (sorry I can’t think of a name)


So today’s morning smoothie was done in two batches with the 12 ounce containers and the smaller  8 oz container for my single serve blender. Still trying to decide on a name for it– well actually come up with a name for it. My liquid was water as it has zero calories and just makes it a bit more hydrating. My blender comes with a 8 ounce smaller cup so that is what I blended my greens up in and then I added that liquid into the larger 12 ounce cup.

After that I poured the contents into my Robeks travel Cup (roughly 33 oz capacity) and did a second batch with another cup of peaches and the 2 tablespoons of flaxseed and another cup or so of water.

As always, I did my usual nutmeg and cinnamon as well as a teaspoon of vanilla extract these are completely optional so feel free to leave now if you don’t want them.

Note if you find the taste to be a little bitter or not to your liking, feel free to add in a little bit of sugar. I personally do not as I am trying to decrease my sugar intake but that is another option and taste test as you go. Enjoy!