Hey! Stretching is Still Important!

Stretching is easily something that gets overlooked, if not completely forgotten when you are either running or working out regularly. Even if you’re not running or working out regularly, stretching is still important aspect of maintaining your health and flexibility.

While there’s still a big debate on if you should stretch before a workout or after, you should at least one of your body properly. Warming up your body properly and stretching aren’t exactly the same thing. For running you can do a quick warm up by walking for 5 to 10 minutes just get your muscles warmed up and get your blood circulating before actually starting to run.


The reason they say stretching before a run is bad is because one of your muscles are still cold and ideally want to stretch with war muscle so you would want to warm them up with you there a walker some for my flight activity first.  it said to increase your risk of injuries by loosening up the joints and the muscles too much soshipping of the joint is more likely and can actually lead to join and ligament tears.

Below, I have included several exercises or stretches that you can do throughout the day or after you do a run or something the back to me. I do you want to stretch everyday it really does help reduce your chances of injuries developing if your muscles are more flexible that means I can move a little bit better.


It can also be very relaxing to take 10-15 minutes a day either in the morning or before you go to bed just to stretch everything out. It really does help calm you down so you can start the day relaxed and not anxious.


Before you go to bed if you stretch I can help your body down as you get into the habit of doing a nightly your body else are associating it with okay it’s the bedtime ritual now and hopefully will ease you into sleep quicker, so that is another win. Have a lovely day! 😛


2 thoughts on “Hey! Stretching is Still Important!”

  1. I love the pigeon stretch! That feels amazing after a hard workout on the legs. If I don’t stretch, I almost always get really sore after a new or tough exercise routine.


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