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Red Lipstick At Last!

I am so stupidly excited about this it’s sad. I’ve been trying to find a red lipstick that does NOT make me look like a clown or worse like I have fish lips & it finally happened! I called the local beauty school to see if they do consultations just to find out they don’t (what gives??) & was referred to Dillard’s. I don’t like going into Dillard’s or places like Dillard’s! The clerks are usually snooty and the prices nearly give me a heart attack. However I was determined, I’m turning 26 in a couple months and damnit I want to wear red lipstick so I can be all grown up 😉

Top to bottom Maybelline’s Very Cherry, Rimmel lip liner in Red Dynamite, & Maybelline’s On Fire Red

Apparently the yellow tones I thought I needed were all around, I needed the bluish ones. Who knew?

Lovin’ this color!
Teeth so white!
Teeth so white!
















I know this has nothing to do with my main articles which is why it is under the  “My Life”  category, so for my little adventures, musings & pictures of my life look here!

For your viewing pleasure.
For your viewing pleasure.

Have a lovely day!! 🙂


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