Fix Your Form or be Benched!

Working out is more than lifting weights or executing reps. If your form is poor, you run the risk of decreasing the effectiveness of the exercise & worse, injuring yourself. By injuring yourself, you are going to have a rather difficult time working out as you wait for your injured body to heal. In turn your workouts will not be as effective if not done regularly. Exercises that are done with poor form will not yield a productive result, certain muscles will be over used & others will be underused, this is not good, form is huge!



  • Draw in your tummy (core) – This is different than sucking it in for the most part. What you are doing is pulling your navel to you spine to stabilize your core. This is something taught in pilates a lot, a stable core leads to an effective exercise & minimizes your risk of injury. To do this, I found that imagining I am trying to get my navel to touch my spine in a way by pulling everything in & holding it taunt.
  • Straighten your back –  Rounded shoulders are also a big cause of injuries and pain from exercise. Your back isn’t meant to be rounded or arched, especially under exertion. It throws of your center of balance & literally can throw you out of whack. It is an easy fix to straighten your back. However you are sitting or standing right now, roll your shoulders back.  You should feel your back engaging & your chest opening up. This is how you want your back to be, not just during workouts but at all times to prevent back pain, neck pain, and that horrid slumped over look.  You also need to keep your head in line (literally). Stick out your neck & chin. Now move your head back as far as you can without tipping it. These two moves can compromise your form no matter how tight your core is or how straight your back is. With you head moved in either direction, your back is going to want to follow suit.  Don’t drop your head, arch your neck or move it all around. keep it straight and centered to insure proper form & balance.
  • Check you platform – All the core strength in the world wont fix wonky feet. Make sure they are shoulder length apart (unless otherwise called for) & that your feet line up with each other. You don’t want one foot more forward than the other as it can lead to an unbalanced platform. For squats, I have heard that when you wiggle your toes as you are standing back up it can help blood circulate and shift your body & feet to where they need to be.
  • Check yourself out, or have someone else do it! If you are in a gym or have access to mirrors use them! You will be able to see poor form if you are able to watch yourself. While you many not exactly feel it especially if you are used to it, your eyes will point out the flaws. if you can’t get to a mirror or a gym and have someone you know and trust, you could ask them to spot you. They can work as your eyes for you!

Well this is it for this post, have a lovely day! 😀

photo credit: Edson Hong via photopin cc


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