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Health Perks of Green Smoothies



  • Good way to get veggies in – for people who struggle to eat their veggies this is great! You can pack a lot of veggies into a couple of cups. You can also mask the taste of veggies by adding in fruits, although some greens have a very mild taste.
  • Good way to get fiber in – from what I have gathered, the juicing process removes fiber from the fruits and vegetables by removing the pulp. Blending leaves everything in it including fiber.
  • Low calorie and can be filling – If you mix in a cup of fruit and a half cup of oatmeal or other filler you still won’t usually break 300 calories.
  • can aid weight loss – fruits and veggies are often lacking from most peoples diets and the properties of many can help rev up your metabolism.
  • lower blood pressure – potassium can help reduce high blood pressure by reducing the impact of sodium which is a large contributor to high blood pressure. You can find good amounts of potassium in spinach, beet greens, tomatoes, carrots, & Brussels sprouts to list a few.
  • can prevent/lower risk of heart disease – by lowering your blood pressure you end up lowering you heart disease risk to an extent.
greens & carrots
Spinach & carrots

There are a couple of downsides floating around about green smoothies, however from what I have read and learned have little bearing. A couple of these downsides are said to be elevated glucose levels, high calories, and the biggest “concern” is the development of kidney stones from the oxalates in the greens. I may post about the whole oxalate bit in the future. I will say that the best way to combat that last statement is to simply rotate your greens and exhibit the amazing thing that is moderation.


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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