Grind Up Cereal & Grains = Easy Smoothie Add-in

I found a use for all of the wheat bran cereal we have! We have a few extra boxes and cannot eat it all at once so instead of letting it go bad, add it to smoothies! Now I also do this with quick oatmeal as in the end it saves me a step in the morning or anytime I am doing a smoothie. Instead of measuring the cereal or oatmeal first, grinding it until is smooth then adding the other ingredients and doing a final blend it cuts out the first step. For smoothies, just add a 1/4 of a cup or so and blend with everything.


I use a Farberware single serve blender which I am deeply in love with, it is such a little trooper, so you will see appearances of it frequently in smoothie posts.

20140501_142043_S Cordes Lakes Dr

The Faberware comes with two blades, the one shown is the one for chopping. While you can use the blending blade it takes a little bit longer and doesn’t give you a really fine result.


After going through a box at a slow pace of filling, grinding and dumping, I ended up mashing the bag. This allows for more cereal to be packed into the cup which means it won’t take quite as long.


You can kinda see the max fill line. I do not recommend going over this line in most cases but for this it was fine. I ended up packing the cereal in there a couple of times and it had no problem.

20140501_142321_S Cordes Lakes Dr

We have several plastic coffee canisters so it works great to store it. I may add a label onto it later.

20140501_142651_E Cedar Canyon Dr  20140501_142029_S Cordes Lakes Dr  20140501_142918_E Cedar Canyon Dr

Two boxes filled it roughly 3/4 the way so a third box should top it off nicely. Now whenever I oversleep need to make a smoothie super quick I can skip this step and just add in in the way you would any powder. As far as taste goes, you do taste the wheat aspect but to me it was very mild especially after you add in fruits, veggies, spices or whatever else is going in to your blend that day.


Here I did the same thing with oatmeal Smile

Give a try and let me know how it works for you! Have a lovely one!


So? What did you think? Tell me your thoughts below!

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