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2 Mile Run Recap

So I headed out for a run this evening despite still feeling crappy from the cold/flu bug that is slowly but surely taking me down. I did one of my usual routes tonight but extended it so it consisted of 2 miles instead of roughly 1 1/2.

Find more Run in Mayer, AZI finished it in 31 minutes and 41 seconds which although I’m not too impressed with the time I’ll take it. I am still sick so it’ll do. Nothing too out of the ordinary until my last tenth of a mile or so when a broom came flying from the back of a trailer attached to a van and nearly took me out. I am not making this up. There was a rouge broom. What’s better than a rogue broom? RUNNING with said rogue broom down the street after the van. Oh yes, I totally did. Fortunately I didn’t have to go to far with the giant awkward baton because the van turned off into a driveway. I can only imagine what I looked like…always an adventure!

QOTD: What are some unusual thing that have happen on your runs?

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Recovery Walk

So I didn’t run tonight despite the insane urge my legs got to kick up the pace during the walk. I may have re-injured my left knee which was operated on over a year ago for tears to the cartilage again and was testing it tonight with a long walk. What was better than the fact that my knee never gave out was that Bruce came along with me! We started out just going for a one miler but turned it into just under three which was a great change. I don’t think he was nearly as thrilled as I was to be out there but the company was a great change from my usual solo adventures. Maybe I can talk him into coming along again sometime, both both for the walks and runs. You never know!


Water 101

Importance of Water

We all know how important it is to drink water on a daily basis, but do you know why? Well depending on where you look or who you ask you will find that water makes up between 60% – 70% of  our bodies. That’s a pretty significant chunk. If you don’t get enough water your body will tell you in multiple ways trying to get your attention. Things as simple as a mild headache, dry mouth or fatigue can all be signs you need more water.

Dehydration Continue reading “Water 101”

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RunKeeper Data

I have started actively using an app on my phone called RunKeeper. Now keep in mind this is an app that I’ve had on my phone for some time now but I’ve always used MapMyRun for tracking my progress. I plan on using this app even more now because of how easy it has made it to do intervals. Check it out!