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Staying Motivated For Running

Okay, so I know how hard it can be to stay motivated for running. There are days where the last thing you want to do is lace up and head out the door, where the couch looks much more inviting than a pair of running shoes. I’ve put together a list of things that I think helps keep you motivated in your pursuit of becoming a better runner.
Reasons to Love Running
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Birthday Recap

So yesterday was my 24th birthday and I truly did have every intention of getting out the door to run or at least walk. Well, that didn’t happen but in a way I’m kind of glad it didn’t; I got to camp out and watch movies with my fiance all day and devour spaghetti (big time favorite). I meant to go after dinner but with pasta being such a dense food, I figured it wouldn’t be the best idea out there. 

Well, my birthday is over now so I can’t really hide behind that for today, guess I’ll have to go out eventually (as in when it is no longer breaking triple digits on the thermostat).  I really did love how Bruce (my fiance) went through the effort of actually getting me to sit still, it couldn’t of been easy but I do love him for it. Now I am back to running all over the place trying to get everything squared away for the EMT class that starts on the 21st. I;m insanely nervous and excited about this class but at ten credits hours it’s definitely going to be a challenge  The thing is, it will be worth it because it will bring me one step closer to my end goal…

What are your experiences with tough college classes?
How did you get through them?
How do you stay motivated to run or exercise?

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Journal not Blog

So I’ve decided that maintaining this will be a lot easier if I think of it as a journal/diary/log. Although keeping a diary has always been a struggle I think this will be easier to do if I use it for running and fitness experiences. Even thought this is technically a blog, if I think of it as just a log or diary it should be easier…right? Well I guess we’ll see now won’t we?

What are your experiences with starting a blog?
Did it work out the way you hoped it would?
Comment below!

Running Adventures

The Hill

So I started out tonight’s route with every intention to WALK the entire thing…(it didn’t work). I made it ten minutes before breaking into a run jammin’ out to iheartradio and grinning like a maniac.

Went the direct opposite direction I usually go and found myself quite pleased with the new area and fresh scenery, I thought I’d share the pics with all of you. Now I am fully aware that I would of covered the 3.17 miles much faster had I not been stopping to take pretty pictures but oh well, I had a great time and that’s the big thing right?

                                                                          See? Happy!

This here is why my pace was so slow, it doesn’t take much to distract but hey if you don’t slow down you’ll miss everything. Like Quail X-ing signs…

 Mr. Cow that scared the ever-lovin’ out of me when I turned my head…

A second Mr. Cow, and two adorable bunnies who seemed to like having their pictures taken.

Then came the hill. I’ve seen it before, driven over it before but never thought of walking and definitely not running up it. Yet here I was. As I got closer I got a kick out of one last chance to back down…

                                            Easy way                                      or                    Hard way
Halfway through I was secretly cursing myself for not going with the peaceful looking road. That was until I got to this view.

Rewarding view from the top!

Hopefully you can’t tell how exhausted I was.

Oh wait..I still have a mile to go.

 Final stretch means another hill in a sick twisted way.

Don’t really know what happened but all of a sudden somebody turned out the lights. So does a sweat covered face count as the ‘dewy-look’?

I finally made it back home and boy did I high-tail it once I caught sight of the roof. I’m sure I’ll be plenty sore tomorrow but I think it is well worth it. Til next time!